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Amplify the Value of Your Shopify Store

Quick and Easy Setup

You have a store to manage—let Perfect Audience do the heavy lifting. Get your Shopify store integrated in less than five minutes, then start bringing those lost customers back for a sale.

Dynamic Retargeting Without the Hassle

Use our powerful self-service Dynamic Ad Builder to automatically create relevant ads from your products. No store size too large or small.

Auto-optimized Campaign Creation

Perfect Audience has years of experience setting up thousands of ROI-positive campaigns for advertisers. We’ll help you generate fully optimized campaigns for your Shopify store that maximize your ROI.

Track Conversions and Revenue

Bring transparency to your conversion tracking. Know the exact ROI of your Perfect Audience campaign and attribute it back to your sales in Shopify.

Perfect Audience Is Ideal for Your Shopify Store

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The easiest retargeting solution. Incremental sales without incremental effort

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Customer Support

Consider us an extension of your marketing team, ready and willing to assist when needed

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Key stats like click, conversions and revenue updated every 2 hours

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Reach your visitors across desktop, mobile and tablet, using our Identity Graph

Mobile Inventory Includes:

Ad Types

Canvas Ads

Single Product Ads

Product Galleries

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